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The same high quality standards in every article.


The same high standards of "Cerve in Italia" are applied to all our products, regardless of the collections from which they originate. Customer satisfaction is perceived by the quality and design of each piece. Our secret stems from traditional elements such as the love and passion that we have put into every piece since 1994.


Every glass is checked during production.


There are three distinguishing features of our service: refined design, a well-guided production process and strict controls of small details.

All our articles undergo strict design procedures that require advanced graphics. Nevertheless, no item leaves the factory until it has passed our last quality check.


Quality, trend-setting items with the 'Made in Italy' label.


Apart from a few additional non-screen printed products, the entire range of our decorated household sector is produced in our factories in Italy. Our designers develop our collections that become unique items with the help of our customized decoration machines.

Marketing and production integration gives us the upper hand in anticipating market trends , developing new ideas and creating innovative effects. We like to think that our products are born from the spirit of our country: a concentration of enchanting landscapes and whimsical, hard-working people.

Global customer satisfaction is achieved through the craftsmanship and skills of our technicians, supported by the passion and pride we put into our work.


Our production process shows all our excellence.


We know that every product of decorated tableware goes far beyond the primary use. These products are not used purely for drinking from or for storing food, they become important objects for decorating the house. Moreover, we are proud to know that people can use them for as long as possible while retaining their unique characteristics.


ok logo For this reason, we were the first to produce our own organic, dishwasher-safe colors that they called OK . These were quickly followed by our OKT series that was specifically suitable for translucent or opaque decorations in multiple colors.


The customer's requirements are paramount.


In addition to the products in the catalog, Cerve can help customers harmonize and integrate their ideas into existing collections. Our proverbial flexibility is well known in meeting customer requests for personalized service in limited quantities.


Sustainable general development.


In production, our central goal is to grow in a sustainable and controlled manner. We believe that a production plant acquires economic and cultural responsibility towards the local community. We will always strive to maintain this vision and remain part of our local community in San Polo (PR), which welcomed us from the very beginning.


Cerve takes all possible measures to improve its social responsibility, and sees the world market as a means to treat with respect.


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contact us for wholesale prices
over 30.000 products in catalog
we deliver in all European countries
fast delivery