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The casserole is the ultimate stew making tool. Frying pans are characterized by a heavy, thick bottom that allows food to cook slowly. Ideal for stew or hash. A frying pan is usually made of cast iron and will last for years. Do you also want to use the casserole in the oven? Make sure that it is suitable for this.

A grill pan sears your food so that all juices and flavors are retained. Fat is collected between the ridges, so that your food comes out of the pan almost fat-free. A grill pan needs to get very hot and is therefore often made of robust materials such as cast iron and cast aluminum. A tip for the best baking result is to lubricate the food with a little oil, and not the pan itself.

A pressure cooker has a special lid that completely seals the pan. This increases the pressure in the pan during cooking and your food is ready extra quickly. You also save energy. The lid prevents boiling over thanks to a special venting mechanism. Pay attention to the contents of the pan so that you can be sure that your dish will fit in the pan. Also make sure that the pan is suitable for your type of stove.

A cooking pot is one of the most commonly used pans in the kitchen, and is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. You use this pot for cooking potatoes, pasta, rice and vegetables. The saucepan is often supplied in a set with multiple sizes. This way you always have a suitable copy for your dish. Make sure that the saucepan is suitable for your type of stove.

A frying pan can be found in almost every household. Multifunctional in use because you can prepare various dishes such as pancakes, a piece of meat or baked potatoes. It is important with the frying pans on which heat source you want to use it. You can also choose from various materials such as aluminum, cast iron or steel. And do you go for a separate pan or do you prefer a set?

The wok pan is found in more and more kitchens. The wok pan is a semicircular, hollow pan and is therefore deeper than a regular frying pan. Wok pans are therefore excellent for stir-frying, but you can also fry, steam and simmer in them. When choosing a wok pan, make sure that it is suitable for your type of stove.

You use a frying pan or sauté pan for one-pan dishes or when you want to fry larger quantities of food. This type of pan is characterized by a high edge that makes it easy to stir food. A frying pan is actually a frying pan with a high edge. A skillet often has a lid. Pay attention to this when making your choice if you would like a frying pan with a lid. Also pay attention to the type of heat source you are cooking on.

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