Food containers

Every professional cook or home cook knows the value of good fresh containers.

In restaurants and other catering establishments, these fresh food containers are mainly used to keep ingredients of fixed dishes from the menu in the refrigerator, so that they are immediately ready for use when needed. Chefs always have good preparation. The fresh-keeping boxes must meet certain conditions here, so that they are suitable for various foodstuffs (dry or liquid). But, depending on the purpose, they must also be usable cooled or warm. Some brands of fresh-keeping boxes also specialize in catering.

In the home kitchen, fresh containers are mainly used to store food surpluses: A leftover of sauce, pasta or chicken. A portion of a birthday cake or homemade cookies. It also happens that small families or singles prepare and portion some dishes or sauces in advance. This is good for the budget, but also saves time. Often these dishes are kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

A newer trend is that when shopping in the fresh produce section of the supermarket, or when going to the butcher or fresh market, people take fresh containers from home. This is not only environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, but you can immediately store the food in the fridge or freezer at home. Very handy! Not only does it keep it fresh, but these boxes are often transparent so you can easily see what's inside and what's the stock level. The former lunch box that we all knew as children is also back in a newer version. Anyone who wants to be hip and trendy nowadays likes to take a real food container to work or to school. Soon a picnic with your friends? Have the fresh food containers, food containers, ice packs and drinking bottles ready!

Fresh food containers are available in all shapes and colours. Usually with a lid, and often with an air valve. Some food containers are especially suitable for dry food such as flour, sugar, coffee and tea. Others to store charcuterie, fresh meat and cheese. There are also fresh containers that are suitable for liquid foods such as drinks, sauces and soups. A well-arranged kitchen cabinet also provides peace and overview.

Yourkitchen has an extensive choice of ranges of food storage containers from the most renowned brands: Araven, Thermos, Luminarc, Curver, Bormioli, Hega Hogar, Cosy&Trendy, … Make your choice quickly!

To meet everyone's needs, we would also like to refer to the wide range of jars in our Glassware department and the range of cooling and warming bottles in our Thermos department.

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Luminarc "Keep N Box" - Fresh food boxes - 82cl - (set of 6)

Material: Glass
Content: 82cl
Lid: Plastic

Curver "Smart-Fresh" - Fresh keeper - 0.7L - Plastic - (set of 4)

Color blue
Material: Plastic
Length: 20cm
Width: 15 cm

Araven Airtight Food Container - Gn1-2 - 6L - 100mm - (Set of 2)

Airtight Food Container - Gn1-2 - 6L - 100mm - (Set of 2)

Araven Airtight Food Container - Gn1-3 - 6L - 150mm - (Set of 2)

Airtight Food Container - Gn1-3 - 6L - 150mm - (Set of 2)

Araven Airtight Food Container - Gn1-4 - Purple - 4,3L - 26.5x16.2x15cm - (Set of 4)

Airtight Food Container - Gn1-4 - Purple - 4,3L - 26.5x16.2x..

Araven Airtight Food Container - Gn1-6 - 2.15L - 150mm - (Set of 3)

Airtight Food Container - Gn1-6 - 2.15L - 150mm - (Set of 3)
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